Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dunedin, let's pack Christchurch some lunch


*Dunedin Students and Citizens Responding to help the Volunteer Army on the
Ground in Christchurch.
*For release: *Friday the 25th of February from 5.30am

*Come on Dunedin lets get 10,000 pre packed lunch bags donated by Dunedin
citizens to keep the volunteers in Christchurch going.
Dunedin this is your chance to help, we are responding to a specific request
for non-perishable lunch food for the University of Canterbury Students
Association (UCSA) Volunteer Student Army.

Today around 1000 Student Volunteers are out helping in the Christchurch
Community. Over the coming days there could be at least 2000 per day. UCSA
has put out a call to Dunedin for help! This is a specific request from UCSA
for lunches to keep the volunteers fed over the coming days as they respond
to non-life threatening requests for help from the wider Christchurch
community. The UCSA Student Army are liaising with Civil Defense and their
work in the wider community removes the strain from the critical response
activities of the Civil Defense and Emergency Services.

So lets keep the Volunteers on the ground in Christchurch going! Doesn't
matter if it is one bag or 100 every contribution is appreciated. We are
aiming for 10,000 pre packed lunch bags to be dropped off at the Student
Union where they will be boxed in packaging from Otago Packaging Supplies
and delivered by Northern Southland Transport to the team in Christchurch to
feed the volunteers.

*So What's the go? How can people help?
*Step 1: *Rally up friends and family

*Step 2:* Head to the supermarket and buy the items (or similar) from the
list that you don't have already

*Step 3:* Package your non-perishable lunch items (no fruit or sandwiches
sorry) in brown paper or ziplock bags. Use the list below if not sure

*Guide for non-perishable lunch list:
*- 2 x Muesli bars
- 1 x Chocolate bar
- Raisins or Scoggin
- Anzac biscuits (3 wrapped in glad wrap)(or something similar)
- Can of Tuna
- VitaWheat or similar crackers (up to 8 glad wrapped)
Please do not add fruit, this and a drink will be added by UCSA if we can
get bulk supply.

*Step 4:* Bring your pre packed lunches to the Otago University Students
Association arch way on Cumberland St, on The one way South (opposite Otago
Museum) between 10am and 6pm on Saturday 26th March

*Step 5: *We will then load the lunches in trucks for delivery at UCSA on
Saturday night

*Bulk Help - *if any businesses are able to provide bulk water or
apples/oranges, packaged muffins please let us know! Also may need a back up
truck for deliveries and

*Supporters - *The Church, UCSA, OUSA, Northern Southland Transport, Otago

*Contact details* - Media phone Nic 022 0945270 or Josh Eyre 027 555 3766 to
arrange an interview time.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Come on Robbie!

We here at the Cheap Seats have always been fans of Robert Kubica. Not only is he one hell of a driver, he comes across as a genuinely nice guy and his unaffected joy at finding himself on the podium always makes us smile.

News came through this morning that he crashed his rally car in Italy and broke several bones in his right hand, arm and leg. It's looking unlikely that he'll be starting at the Bahrain GP in March.

The Brat and I send our best wishes for Robert's full, safe and speedy recovery. See you back on the track soon, sunshine.

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's Test Day

And it's warm with clear skies.

I hope it stays like this. The Welsh don't know what to do if it's not raining.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Blog Aten't Ded

It was just resting, and not in that "pining for the fjords" kind of way.

Life got in the way of both my and the Brat's blog-keeping there for a while. Let's hope we've managed to fight it back into a corner long enough for something to actually happen.

And that brings me straight onto the World Cup. Of football, known to some as soccer. A game I used to play and the Brat still does, and a lot of fun to watch and speculate on whether the ref inherited his blindness from his mother or his father (whoever he is). And whether gross ignorance of the offside rule is learned or hereditary.

Sadly I haven't been watching a lot of it, because of the time zones (sometimes living in the South Pacific sucks fetid donkey balls through bendy-straws), but I do know that:

  • New Zealand drew with Slovakia, thereby scoring their first EVER point in the World Cup
  • If you point at the English goalkeeper and go "HA ha!" you can make him cry
  • If Argentina win, Diego Maradona has promised (threatened) to take his clothes off and run through the streets of Buenos Aires naked. Heck of an incentive there, mate. Cue Hand of God jokes.

  • And the other big news is that this weekend the All Blacks play Wales in the last ever test at Carisbrook. I'm going to be there, but not with bells on (I value my life) shouting at the Welsh with the rest of the rabble on the Terraces.

    In keeping with our tradition of finding useful phrases in the visitors' native language, here's what I'll be yelling at them:

    Ach hefyd 'n annwyl chan dafad!
    You are too fond of sheep!

    Pryd ewyllysia Torchwood bod 'ma?
    When will Torchwood be here?

    Pawb chan 'ch glo ydy berthyn i ni!
    All of your coal are belong to us!

    'ch fam anwyliannau Dan Certiwr hefyd!
    Your mum loves Dan Carter too!

    If you happen to see me at the test feel free to say hello, buy me a beer, save my spot while I make a run for Loth-loorien, whatever.

    And if you know how to pronounce any of the above and/or bring me a towel (Welsh is a damp language), I'll be even happier to see you.

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    A Comeback Like Unto Lazarus

    Last year Felipe Massa had a big crash and there was doubt right at the start as to whether he'd live. When it became established that he would, there was then doubt that he'd ever race again.

    Just before the start of the F1 season, Felipe was making fastest practice laps left, right and centre.

    And now we've had the first race of the season, in Bahrain. In which he came SECOND.

    Wow. Just wow. Out of words.

    Monday, March 1, 2010

    Things That Are Fabulous

    Unlike the Brat, I've not quite been ignoring the Olympics. Its schedule being from ohmygod o'clock in the morning until dinnertime rather meant that I didn't see much of them during the week, but it wasn't for lack of interest.

    The weekends were different, and the Weasel and I spent hours watching people in full-body condoms zoom around tracks on ice skates, slide down hills with sticks tied to their feet, do aerobatics while attached to large tongue-depressers etc.

    Which leads me to Yet Another List: Things That Are Fabulous.

    Thing One: The Norwegian Curling Team's Trousers

    Behold the magnificence

    The sartorial equivalent of the loud drunk guy at your cousin's wedding, these bad boys (the pants, not the Norwegians) are available for sale for a paltry $US 89.95 per pair. If you can't quite stretch to that, you could always buy a "Respect the Pants" t-shirt for a much more accessible $US 15 or join the Facebook fan group, where you can learn to tell people how awesome their pants are in Norwegian.

    And remember -- a man walks down the street in pants like those, you know he's not afraid of anything.

    Thing Two: Johnny Weir

    He's sparkly, he's outspoken almost to a fault, and he's ridiculously talented. Seriously. To the point where we can forgive him for being Lady GaGa's bestie.

    No, really. Check it out:

    As if anything else need be said. But sadly, it does. A couple of commentating velocipedes in Canadia made some crass remarks about Johnny's apparent
    sexuality, including a suggestion that he should have to take a gender test.

    WTF, CANADIA?? We thought you were immune to that kind of nineteenth-century homophobic bullshit.

    Butanyway. Johnny, being the outspoken guy he is, had something to say about it. This is what he said:

    And that, ladies and germs, is what a class act looks like. And why you, Johnny Weir, are fabulous. Long may you sparkle.

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Dee dee dee dee de de dee de deeeeeeee

    Look, look, there's... Stuff. It's happening!

    In random updates of news *cue news-type music*

    The Phoenix are made of win and goalkeeping! It's the season that just keeps on giving! There was a fan day with the Hurricanes, and that was actually a whole lot of fun.

    The Hurricanes are winning and the Crusaders are not! Haha.

    The Aussies are coming! They have some very quick bowlers. I'm taking bets on how many concussions our lads end up with.

    Brett Lee is retiring from Test cricket to play twenty20 and be bitter about women. Or something close to it.

    Kane Williamson and BJ Watling win the men's one day title. I assume there were other players involved, but pft.

    I still haven't paid attention to the Winter Olympics.

    And I have participated in a podcast! Listen to me be drunk and opinionated with the dropkicks.