Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dunedin, let's pack Christchurch some lunch


*Dunedin Students and Citizens Responding to help the Volunteer Army on the
Ground in Christchurch.
*For release: *Friday the 25th of February from 5.30am

*Come on Dunedin lets get 10,000 pre packed lunch bags donated by Dunedin
citizens to keep the volunteers in Christchurch going.
Dunedin this is your chance to help, we are responding to a specific request
for non-perishable lunch food for the University of Canterbury Students
Association (UCSA) Volunteer Student Army.

Today around 1000 Student Volunteers are out helping in the Christchurch
Community. Over the coming days there could be at least 2000 per day. UCSA
has put out a call to Dunedin for help! This is a specific request from UCSA
for lunches to keep the volunteers fed over the coming days as they respond
to non-life threatening requests for help from the wider Christchurch
community. The UCSA Student Army are liaising with Civil Defense and their
work in the wider community removes the strain from the critical response
activities of the Civil Defense and Emergency Services.

So lets keep the Volunteers on the ground in Christchurch going! Doesn't
matter if it is one bag or 100 every contribution is appreciated. We are
aiming for 10,000 pre packed lunch bags to be dropped off at the Student
Union where they will be boxed in packaging from Otago Packaging Supplies
and delivered by Northern Southland Transport to the team in Christchurch to
feed the volunteers.

*So What's the go? How can people help?
*Step 1: *Rally up friends and family

*Step 2:* Head to the supermarket and buy the items (or similar) from the
list that you don't have already

*Step 3:* Package your non-perishable lunch items (no fruit or sandwiches
sorry) in brown paper or ziplock bags. Use the list below if not sure

*Guide for non-perishable lunch list:
*- 2 x Muesli bars
- 1 x Chocolate bar
- Raisins or Scoggin
- Anzac biscuits (3 wrapped in glad wrap)(or something similar)
- Can of Tuna
- VitaWheat or similar crackers (up to 8 glad wrapped)
Please do not add fruit, this and a drink will be added by UCSA if we can
get bulk supply.

*Step 4:* Bring your pre packed lunches to the Otago University Students
Association arch way on Cumberland St, on The one way South (opposite Otago
Museum) between 10am and 6pm on Saturday 26th March

*Step 5: *We will then load the lunches in trucks for delivery at UCSA on
Saturday night

*Bulk Help - *if any businesses are able to provide bulk water or
apples/oranges, packaged muffins please let us know! Also may need a back up
truck for deliveries and

*Supporters - *The Church, UCSA, OUSA, Northern Southland Transport, Otago

*Contact details* - Media phone Nic 022 0945270 or Josh Eyre 027 555 3766 to
arrange an interview time.

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