Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pass the bucket, Peter.

Further news from Sydney, Australia. (But my flight to Brisbane leaves tonight)

Firstly - Something serious. The fires in Queensland, devastating, deliberate utterly utterly awful... And now things need to be done. If you're in Australia reading this, go to your local blood bank and donate blood. Next week when I return to Melbourne I will see if being a kiwi means I can donate blood too.
If you're not in Australia, send money. Really. Call your local Red Cross, they're setting up that sorta thing.

Now for the cricket... Tobias the German has been educated as to the differences between cricket and golf (which are of course many and varied, cricket actually being a sport and golf well... not.) And the Aussies have recalled everyone they thought they would beat us without and have started beating us. But not by much! Its setting up to be a real tough one in Brisbane on Friday (The 13th, Black Friday, think that might help us any?) I'll try not to cry if we lose this time.

And guess what also happens on Friday? The super 14 starts. may I be the first to ask Why are we playing rugby in summer again? Fortunately my Hurricanes are playing on Saturday so I won't have any "oh no what should I watch" dilemmas. Tobias, who has decided he likes this Brat enough to follow her to Brisbane, may get disappointed when he figures out that yes, all I do is watch sport and drink. Really.

Hope my next post will be about our awesome win!


Naly D said...

Being pedantic, but
a. Isn't Melbourne in Victoria?
b. Aren't the fires in Victoria, the floods in Queensland?

NB: I have no knowledge of Australian geography, but my job in media has required me to listen to stuff on the fires 9h a day, since sunday.

Brat said...

Do you work for media monitors? My brother has the same problem.

Now think. There are bushfires in Victoria, Australia... and floods in Southland, NZ. Thats the kind of distance we is talking about.

Go donate as pennance.

(NB: My current hostel is full of flood refugees)

Naly D said...

Yup, that's the one.
I'd like to think I've donated, the TAB was donating all its takings from the last two ODI's to the bushfire, so I put three substantial bets on :)