Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guest Post! by an Aussie!

So Brendon McCullum is being borrowed by NSW for the KFC T20 final.
I'm a little conflicted on this myself, personally I wouldn't mind borrowing young Baz for a game or two, but cricket would not be one of the games.
I think it's a little unfair to the regular player who will be missing out tonight, and to the Vics who didn't get to pull in one of the best T20 players in the world at the last minute, and as a Melbournian that we didn't get to him first.

But un-australian Mr Symmonds?

Not on your life, "borrowing" something great from the kiwis is as Australian as Pharlap, or Neil Finn, or Russell Crowe (when he's winning shit, and not throwing phones at people).

The Muffin from Melbourne.

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Vertino Aleci said...

read about Brendon getting selected for the 20-20 final and Symonds' confusing comments..I agree it is out of order, in the soccer equivalent it is almost as Liverpool selecting Ronaldo for a cup final. Came across this profile/blog because I'm a cricket fan and am looking forward to some banter given India play New Zealand soon and I support the team in Blue.!