Thursday, December 25, 2008

Boxing day Twenty20

Forget, for a minute, that we should be having a real boxing day test, but there is something else I need to draw your attention to.

We are wearing silver uniforms.

We are doomed.

Also, WTF is with the gold underarms? A wee homage to another Underarm Travesty?

ETA: A tie. Another one.

Now we have the farce that is the "super over"

Let me describe this to you in layman's terms.

The Windies get their over first, they choose three batsmen. New Zealand has one bowler and the normal field.
The kiwi bowler bowls the one over, the Windies batsmen attempt to slog the absolute shit out of it.

Then the kiwis get their over. Whoever scores the most runs in their over wins.

This is stupid. But less stupid than the old bowl-offs (ignore Mark Richardson, those things were awful)

ETA2: And, we lose. I blame the uniforms.

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Madam Backslash said...

Twenty20 is a bloody silly game anyway. It's for those who don't have enough of an attention span to follow an ODI. What's next -- dispensing with the game itself and going straight to the Thuper Ovar?

(And as for the silver uniforms, if they produced blinding performances rather than just being blinding, I might be able to get behind them.)